1 Samuel 28 (September 21)

                                                                     Saul or Samuel?

            “When Saul inquired of the Lord…”

            Saul was a man of very little patience and faith.  He was also always prone to disobedience, as he didn’t listen to God and his prophet Samuel on several occasions.  Saul did not take his time to pray to God, or to seek godly counsel.  He would simply operate according to his own understanding (which was very limited) and “wisdom.”  Poor, foolish Saul.

            One day, as he was surrounded by dangerous Philistines, Saul was afraid and consulted with the Lord.  Our God does not listen to wicked persons who come “dressed” with religious hypocrisy.  “It is too late!”  I can hear the Lord responding to these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

            “…The Lord did not answer him…”

            Do you sincerely believe that God will answer the desperate prayers from someone who has never obeyed or sought after him?

            Do you think that God is a genie who grants wishes to everyone, even if they will never believe in him?

            I can assure you he will not answer hypocritical or half-hearted prayers.  God only answers sincere and full-of-faith (James 1:6) prayers.

            He who seeks only God’s blessings (e.g. Saul), will not hear from God.  On the other hand, those who seek God and honor him, will receive like Samuel; the approval from the Lord and countless blessings from above.

            Are you a Saul or a Samuel?

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