I Samuel 29 (September 22)

                                                               Passing Grade

            “…as an angel of God…”

            Achish, the king of the Philistines, had the rare privilege of knowing intimately a man of God. He did not love Yahweh and worshiped false gods. Achish also waged war against God’s people, but he knew David.

            The world is always watching and probing—as Achish did with David—all the men and women of God. If you are a believer and desire to serve God, you can expect constant and relentless scrutiny from those around you.

            If our testimony is not sparkling, we shall become soaked with “showers of criticism.” If we remain faithful in all our ways, no “spy” from the world will come to congratulate us and sing our praises.

            Nevertheless, it is imperative that we maintain a godly lifestyle at all costs. Don’t expect praise from the world as you live for Jesus. Be assured, however, that the unbelievers know the difference between a false Christian and a faithful believer. Furthermore, the world admires (in secret, of course) or envies the true children of God because they know that we have something that they don’t have: Love, salvation, forgiveness and peace.

            David heard praise from Achish, but it is possible that we might never be honored in this life for our faith. Do not allow this “setback” to prevent you from living victoriously for Christ. God is our judge and he is grading our testimony. Make sure you get and “A” with Christ, even though the world might give you and “F.”

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