1 Samuel 27 (September 20)

                                                                         Eternal Servant

            “…therefore he shall always be my servant.”

            If there is something that the devil enjoys, is to keep every human being oppressed by some kind of slavery.   I imagine he has a warehouse of sorts, filled with all different types of chains with which he attempts to control peoples’ lives.

            But thanks to the boundless love and power of Jesus, new people are freed everyday from these wicked chains.  Tortured souls find freedom in Jesus, as well as forgiveness and eternal life.

            For this particular reason, Christians are attacked by our adversary.  For many years of our lives, we served him, but now we belong only to Jesus Christ.  We are no longer the devil’s puppets, following his every whim and command.  He is enraged because he can’t have us anymore and also because he will never taste how sweet forgiveness and freedom are!

            The devil has not given up on you yet.  He cannot destroy your soul in hell but will attempt to make you worthless and useless while on this earth.  Every time you and I sin, we are serving the devil.

            Decide today to be only God’s servant. We have served the devil long enough! While the adversary wants to use, or abuse you…by force, God can use your life with great power, if you willingly and obediently submit to the influence of his Spirit to work through you.

            He waits patiently for your response…                                                                                  

            Whom will you serve?

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