I Samuel 22 (September 15)

                                                                Hospital for the Soul

           Do not remain in the stronghold…”

           Gad, the prophet of the Lord, warned David about the danger of seeking refuge in enemy territory. Yes, he was safe in Moab, but his place was in Judah among God’s people. We live in this world, but we are not of this world. We belong to God and heaven is our real home. While we remain in this world, we must remember that we are not home yet.

           A church building should never be considered a monastic refuge from the world or a permanent stronghold. Our temples are designed for the sole purpose of worshipping God in the community of believers.

           We can compare a Christian temple to a hospital; the only difference is that a church is a medical center for the soul. In this “hospital,” our spirits are nourished with God’s living Word and our souls are refreshed as we praise our Lord.

           A Christian church was never intended to be a fortress or monastery where a group of saints separate (hide) themselves from the world. A church is the place of meeting for the body of Christ to worship and celebrate the Lord. A church is also a divinely appointed filling station where God fills us with his power.       

           As you go to church this Sunday, do it with your hands full of praise and adoration for the King, but also come as an empty vessel that needs to be filled with God or as a wounded soul that needs the healing touch of the Master.

           Do not remain in the temple; go out and minister unto others in the name of Christ.

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