1 Samuel 21 (September 14)


            “So he changed his behavior before them;…”

            Loneliness and the fear of dying, tend to change people into cowards and hypocrites—even the most courageous! I am not afraid of dying, for I know that heaven is waiting for me. Loneliness, on the other hand, fills me with fear and apprehension sometimes and I don’t know why.

            David was a courageous individual.  As a shepherd, he killed wild animals defending his father’s herd, and as a soldier he defeated the gigantic Goliath.

            Later on we see David running for his life.  Was he afraid of king Saul? I believe that he was afraid of dying prematurely.  Perhaps for the first time in his life, David was a prisoner of fear…and he ran away.

            The future king of Israel, apparently forgot that he was an honest man.  He began to lie (to the priest), and made another person (Jonathan) lie for him.  In the land of the Philistines—where he sought refuge for a time—the leader who “killed ten thousands,” acted as a demented freak to avoid sure death.

            Peter, the apostle of the Lord, denied Jesus three times as he was overcome with fear.  Just as David, he was a very courageous man who loved the Lord, but changed his behavior motivated by unholy fear.

            We must be sincere believers, who despise hypocrisy and overcome fear in Christ.  Jesus died on the cross to transform our lives and make us winners.  Bring your fears to Jesus today and trust in Him.  He will fill you with his Spirit of power, in whom there is no fear or mutation.

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