1 Samuel 20 (September 13)

                                                          A Close Friend

            “…there is but a step between me and death.”

            The late evangelist, Eugene Hanchuk told the congregation the following true story during one of his sermons:

            “One young man was ready to go “clubbing” one Saturday night, as he heard a loud knock on his door.  As he opened the front door, he was greeted by two Christians, who shared the gospel with him.

            The young man was intrigued by their presentation and for a moment there was a spark of interest in his dark heart; but his fleshly desires choked the seed of faith, which was beginning to take hold of his heart.

            He promised them that he would go to church the next day, but tomorrow never came for this foolish young man.  On that same night, he crashed his new (and fancy) car.  On that same night, that teenager went to hell.”

            Death is closer to us than we think or need. We can enter the next world at any moment. No one enjoys dying and most avoid this “controversial” theme.  Nevertheless, the fact is that death is always one step away.

            To the Christians, however, death is a friend.  Knowing about the certainty of death, motivates us to use our time wisely.  The thought of dying and leaving this world behind, imparts a sense of urgency and godly passion to people who previously had no purpose in life. 

            Death is our friend in yet another sense—it will take us to God’s presence.

            In Christ, all things work for our good…even death.

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