I Samuel 19 (September 12)

                                                                        Eternal Morning

            “…therefore be on guard tomorrow morning…”

            The Christian life is not difficult…it is almost impossible to live. Christianity often seems to be a contradiction. A Christian must cry with those who cry and rejoice with those who are glad—all at the same time.

            Another “contradiction” is found in our call to walk with Christ and serve him, while he invites us to rest (Matt 11:28). We are also children of light and belong to God’s kingdom, but for now we are confined to this world controlled by the forces of darkness.

            This last apparent dichotomy is the most difficult to face. Darkness will surround us as long as we tarry in this sinful world. We cannot escape it by flying to another country or even another planet beyond our galaxy and it will not disappear with education or culture. Darkness is all around us, constantly struggling to enter our minds and destroy our lives.

            We must protect our hearts and minds with God’s armor (Eph. 6). Even though God wants to, and will protect us, it is our responsibility to put on the armor and lift up the “shield of faith.”

            The morning is coming when the Son of righteousness will appear, and darkness will be gone forever. In this eternal morning of glory, our sorrows will become extinct and our joy will be as eternal as God’s light.

            Yes, the morning is coming soon. Darkness seems to reign supreme in this godless planet, but the eternal light of glory will burst forth and dispel darkness forever. On that eternal morning, light will shine forevermore.  

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