I Samuel 2 (August 26)

                                                           One More Samuel

            Samuel was ministering…”

            The high priest Eli had two evil and wicked sons, Hophni and Phinehas. As priests of the Lord of hosts, they stained and brought shame to their father and God’s name. It is sad and discouraging to see good and faithful Christian families being dishonored by the lawlessness and rebellious conduct of some of their children.

            These “priests” (Hophni and Phinehas) fornicated publicly in the holy tabernacle and stole meat that was consecrated for sacrifices. As a result of their unworthy and unholy conduct, many in Israel came to regard offerings to God as something of no great importance.

            History is repeated every time a Christian sins publicly, bringing dishonor to Christ’s name. Unbelievers find a much-needed excuse not to believe in Jesus Christ when the children of God fail.

            Thankfully, many disciples of Christ are totally dedicated to bringing glory to our Lord. This holy remnant perseveres in their faithful service of God amid great opposition, scorn, and ridicule.

            If you are one of these faithful “Samuels” take heart, for you are not alone! There are millions of devoted Christians all over the world; some of them have lost everything except their faith in Jesus.

            We need more believers like Samuel today. We need men and women; young and old; rich and poor; who are willing to be faithful ministers of the Lord. Most of all, we need you!

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