I Samuel 1 (August 25)

                                                                      Precious Loan

            “…then I will set him before you as a Nazirite…”

             I still remember the happy and glorious day when I presented my firstborn son before the Lord.  The pastor took my son in his arms and prayed for him as we dedicated him to the Lord.  This was truly a very special occasion that would be repeated two more times in my life.

            On that day my wife I gave our son unto the Lord and promised to take care of all his needs and to instruct him in the ways of the Lord. We tried our very best to fulfill that vow throughout the years, though it wasn’t always easy or perfect.

            Hannah went even further than that.  If I placed my children’s life under God’s care, Hannah delivered her son (Samuel) in body, soul and spirit so that he would serve God all the days of his life.

            This is my prayer, and should also be the desire of each Christian parent.  I would prefer that my children be poor and Christians, than living in luxuries and pleasures and without Christ.

            We should pray and cry as Hannah did, so that God will do the part that we can never do.  He can be with them 24 hours a day. He can protect them from evil and deliver them from many temptations and trials. He is the only one that can save and change their lives.

            And us, what can we do? Dedicate them to God, because in reality they belong to the Lord.  The children that we have are a “loan” from God.  He has given them to us, so that with His help, we guide them on the road that leads back to Him.

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