Ruth 4 (August 24)

                                                           Real Communication

            “So I thought I would tell you…”

            An effective communication between human beings, has an enormous value and it is indispensable for healthy and long lasting relationships. Mere words, nonetheless, are not sufficient to achieve a quality communication—- Understanding and mutual agreement (or disagreement) are key ingredients for a top notch dialogue.

            All of us have been guilty at some point, of poor communication and thus sad relationships. We tend to say phrases like, “Good morning,” “How are you doing” and, “Is everything okay?”; without giving much thought or attention to the person we are speaking to.

            Is this good communication?  I believe that real communication begins in our hearts and then seeks to penetrate deeply into someone else’s soul. Any other kind of conversation is superficial, artificial and is beneficial to no one.

            To achieve a good communication, especially with fellow believers, you need to talk, but you also need:

  1. Time and real interest                     
  2. Love and understanding
  3. The truth               
  4. Transparency (No masks or hypocrisy)
  5. Agreement (even to agree to disagree)

            If we want to communicate better with God, our families, our brothers and everyone else; we must follow these guidelines and pray very hard. 

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