Judges 21 (August 20)

                                                                    Jesus is my King

            “In those days there was no king in Israel;…”

            Human beings need leaders and rulers.  Our sinful nature demands that men appointed by God must govern us.  Having been a teacher for many years, I understand the importance of discipline in the classrooms–without it, there is no learning, no fun, no creativity and no peace.

            Likewise, if God wouldn’t have established human governments; with its police, National Guard, army, and its judicial and legislative branches, then most countries would resemble the legendary and “Wild” West.

            Even a bad government is better than no government at all!  A country without rulers is like a ship without a captain–It is going nowhere!  Anarchy can be compared to a wild horse, in the sense that it has no purpose and direction and it is extremely dangerous.

            Israel had no human king during the days of the Judges.  What was infinitely worse, was the fact that as a nation they rejected the King of glory.  The result was chaotic, as everyone was “his or her own king.”

            Is Christ the King and Lord of your life? You may very well be a Christian; no one doubts that fact.  The key issue is submission to the Lord of every area of your life.  Israel, for the most part, failed to do so, but we still have the glorious opportunity to live for our King.

            When we received Christ as our Lord, we didn’t do it just to be saved from hell. We first and foremost, surrendered our lives and destinies into his hands forever.

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