Ruth 1 (August 21)

                                                            Decisions, Decisions

            “…your people shall be my people, and your God my God.”

            Life is made up of decisions.  Our present situation is the result, for the most part, of decisions we took in the past.  On the other hand, our future hangs in part on the choices that we make today.

            Therefore, it is vital for us to pray and investigate every possible option, before we make up our minds on any matter.  This procedure is applicable to any decision, including the determination to receive Christ and thus, eternal life.

            Ruth decided one day, to believe in the living God and to unite herself to Naomi’s people.  She had ample opportunity to ponder her decision, as she made a comparison between Moab’s idols and the God of Israel; whom she had began to know and love, through her ex-husband’s family.

            Ruth could have returned to Moab with Orpha after their husbands’ deaths. She could have gone back home, to her family and familiar surroundings. However, Ruth made the right choice (when she disobeyed Naomi), by following her to Bethlehem. Ruth decided to follow Naomi, but most importantly, she became a follower of the one true God of the universe.

            Christians need to apply the same divine wisdom to all their decisions that was so evident in Ruth.  We must learn to ignore foolish “advices” and avoid “too-good-to-be-true” choices.  Every decision bears fruit; let us learn to always make the best choices with God’s help.

            What will you decide about all this?

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