Judges 20 (August 19)

                                                                   Slip and Fall

            “Shall we again draw near to battle…?”

            Abraham Lincoln is recognized as one of the most brilliant presidents this country has ever had.  During his term, he abolished slavery and won the Civil War. He fought to preserve the union. He also won the hearts of most Americans, with his wisdom and compassion.

            Before Lincoln became president, however, he suffered many defeats.  The future leader of the strongest nation on Earth, failed several times in business and as a political candidate and was even a victim of a nervous breakdown.  As a matter of fact, from 1832 to 1860—the year in which he was elected president, Abraham Lincoln, was in a constant state of  “failure.”

            Any other man would have given up, but not “Honest Abe.”  He learned from his mistakes, failures and short-comings; he stood up after every slip and fall and once again, went into the battle…until he won.

            Israel went to war against the evil tribe of Benjamin.  For two consecutive days, they were defeated and thousands died.  When the third day arrived, the Israelites asked God if they should go to the battle one more time.  These were very courageous warriors, who were wondering if God would ever grant them the victory.

            Perhaps you are asking yourself today:  Shall I continue fighting the battles of the Lord? One thing I’ve learned is to never give up, even when I want to surrender.  We may stumble and fall in the future, but the hand of Jesus is always there to lift us up once again.  Failures come and go, but faithful believers will never be defeated. 

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