Judges 19 (August 18)

                                                                 In His Care

           “I will care for all your wants;…”

            When a sinner comes to Christ, he or she passes from death to life. At that instant a wonderful metamorphosis takes place—– the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, that is, the sinner is transformed into a saint.

            From this moment on, God becomes his Father and Jesus, His best Friend. The Holy Spirit comes and indwells the brand new believer, giving to his new life a touch of divine peace and a sense of hope and direction.

            The proponents of the “prosperity gospel” would argue at this juncture, that in Christ, we will be wealthy, healthy and problem free. The Bible record does not support such pretentious “doctrines,” for Jesus never promised an earthly panacea to any of his followers.

            What Jesus promised was eternal life in heaven (John 6:47) to those who believe in Him and to take care of our needs while we tarry on this Earth. Our heavenly Father  knows our needs and we have His personal guarantee, that He will meet each one of them.

            Sometimes anger or doubt clouds our spiritual vision. We expected more blessings or possessions, or at least fewer difficulties than we now have.  In these “crises” we must reflect upon God’s mercies and count our manifold blessings in Christ. As we do this, we shall be able to see clearly that God has kept all his promises and that He has taken care of us.    

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