Judges 16 (August 15)

                                                                Open Hearts

            “So he told her his whole secret,…”

            Have you ever been completely “transparent” or frank with someone?

            Being transparent, signifies that everyone can see your heart.  Being transparent, indicates the highest degree of sincerity in a person or in other words; we are the same inside and out.

            Is it a good practice to uncover our hearts, and reveal our most intimate thoughts to just anyone?

            I believe you know the answer to that question, but perhaps Samson was not as wise as you are.  He did not take the time to choose his confidants and paid a high price for his foolishness. He told Delilah all of his most intimate secrets and she betrayed him and didn’t keep his confidence.

            The moral of this story is that even transparency has its limits.  The secrets of our soul must be reserved for God (who already knows them anyway), and for those who are worthy of our trust.

            We cannot overemphasize, the importance of a transparent and daily communication with Jesus.  God is totally interested in our problems, secrets and dreams.  He invites us to bring our burdens to him and rest (Matt.11:28).

            Prudent and blessed is the Christian that can be transparent with a selected group of family and friends.  Prudent, because the possibility of betrayal is minimized; blessed, because he can be “himself” and share his life— including his dreams, hurts, failures and hopes; with those who are in no way related to the Delilah’s or Judases of this world.

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