Judges 17 (August 16)

                                                                             Save the Children

                “…the people did what was right in their own eyes.”

            Today I met a boy named Frankie; a boy that represents by his behavior, the attitude of an entire generation.  With my own eyes I observed how little Frankie was hitting his helpless mother and making fun of his passive father.  This future “delinquent” was doing whatever he pleased and no one in his family was brave enough to stop him or even to scold him.

            Our modern society is characterized by the same anarchy that ran wild during the time of the judges.  Almost everyone today has their very own set of values or beliefs, regardless if they come from God’s Word or not.

            Only faithful Christians follow the Bible and believe that truth is absolute.  The rest live in a fantasy world of relativism, selfishness and lies.  This world needs God more than ever!

            We should not be surprised when we witness the rapid spread of gangs, violence, delinquency and all kinds of evil acts.  The reason is found, in the great distance our society has put between themselves and Jesus Christ.

            When God’s Word is not honored, the result is the birth of chaos and destruction.  Now good is deemed evil and evil is paraded on our streets.

            There is still hope for many in this world.  There are still people who want to be rescued from a chaotic and meaningless life.  Today, you and I can decide to make a difference for Christ; today we can begin to rescue as many “Frankies” as possible.  Tomorrow, may be too late.

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