Judges 15 (August 14)


            “With the jawbone of a donkey,…”

            Yesterday we read about one of the strongest animals ever created. The lion is considered to be the king of the jungle and most animals fear it. Today, I don’t want to talk animals (except perhaps for a part of the donkey), but we shall study the life of the strongest man of all times.

            When someone reads Samson’s story, they may ask themselves, is all this true? Is  it possible for a man to kill one thousand enemies in battle, with just a donkey’s jawbone?

            My answer is simple, if  Bruce Lee and Jet Li can do it (in the movies) with bare hands; how much more could Samson accomplish with such a “potent” weapon.  Seriously though, I believe Samson’s story, because it is part of the Bible.  As a Bible believing Christian, I know that all the miracles and events described in the Word of God, are true—including Samson’s exploits.

            A miracle, is a powerful and supernatural manifestation of God’s power.  Our resources may be limited and our talents inadequate at best; yet a jawbone, or whatever we have in our hands, can become a mighty weapon or instrument, with just a touch from the Lord.

            It is extremely vital and imperative, that our hearts overflow with faith and trust in the Lord.  Likewise, it is essential to present our hands to God and dedicate them to His service.  What God did with Samson and the donkey’s jawbone, He can do through you today —just bring the “jawbone” to Him.

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