Judges 14 (August 13)

                                                                   God’s Cubs

            “What is stronger than a lion?”

            The very famous movie The Lion King depicts graphically the enormous power of the African lions.  Every other animal is afraid or has a very healthy respect for the “king of beasts.”

            The Bible, likewise, acknowledges the superior strength of lions.  Jesus, our Lord, is called “The Lion of Judah.”  This phrase is highly indicative of Jesus’ divine power.  Even the devil, famous for being a “copy cat,” is compared to a “roaring lion” walking around us with evil intentions (I Pet. 5:8).

            In the movie, “Mufasa” (the good lion), dies as he falls from a cliff.  His premature death, was the fruit of “Scar’s” (the bad and ugly lion) diabolical plan of revenge.  Later on in the film we see how “Simba,” Mufasa’s son, prevails against the evil lions, and becomes the new king of the jungle.

            For me, this Disney animated movie (at least the few good parts) portrays symbolically (and most probably unknowingly) the believer’s new life in Christ.

            Jesus, the Lion of Judah, died on the cross; having been betrayed by Judas, an agent of the other “lion.”  Nevertheless Jesus resurrected three days later, defeating sin, hell and the devil forever. His complete triumph opened the door for all the children of God to have new and eternal life.

            The main difference from the movie is that we will reign with Christ, not in his place.  Why do we worry then about tomorrow, if we are God’s “cubs?” Jesus, the Lion of Judah, dwells in our hearts; therefore there is no room for anxiety, doubts, or fear!

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