Judges 13 (August 12)

                                                                Amazing, Forgiving Grace

            “The Israelites again did what was evil…”

            God’s grace is like an ever-flowing river of life, love and forgiveness.  As the rivers are born in the high mountains and flow down into the seas; the grace of God flows from God’s heart and reaches into the deepest and darkest corners of our soul.

            What would be of us today, if it were not for God’s grace? We were saved by the unmerited and undeserved grace of our Lord.

            God’s grace is as constant as the sun which rises every morning.  Even on cloudy days, the overabundant grace of our Lord shines brighter than one million stars.  On our darkest hours, God’s amazing and forgiving grace becomes a most potent beacon of divine light; which guides us on our way back to God.

            God’s grace has been our ally when we have followed evil.  Just as the Israelites did in the old days, we too fall into sin from time to time.  Our forgiving Father extends his loving hands, in an effort to rescue us from the mud of sin.  His grace has saved the day once again!

            God’s grace was more than sufficient for Paul (2 Cor. 12:9), and it should be more than enough for us today.  If you have sinned, you can find a refuge in God’s overflowing grace.  As the river runs into the sea; so shall your sins disappear forever into the “sea of forgiveness” of our Lord.

            Do not abuse the grace of God, for it is not a license or permit to sin.  God’s grace has set us free, but not to be free from God. We have been delivered to live free from sin and to serve our Lord freely and abundantly.

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