Judges 9 (August 8)

                                                                 The Web of Laziness

            “Abimelech hired worthless and reckless fellows,…”

            Idleness is a very good friend of sin.  Every day millions or perhaps billions of idle human beings receive a personal visit from their wicked “friend.”  As they open the door, sin captures and enslaves them. This sad cycle is repeated far too often, as people go from idleness to sin and this sin leads them back into more idleness.

            Wherever an idle, lazy, or unoccupied person is found; sin is also there, knocking at the door.  King David fell into sin and disgrace as a direct result of his idleness.  He remained in Jerusalem, while his army went to the war.  So much spare time can only lead us to trouble, as it did for David.

            Our streets are filled every night with idle and sinful people.  Groups and gangs waste their time in vain conversations and deplorable (and sometimes delinquent) activities.

            Idleness must be taboo for Christians, since the Bible exhorts us to make the “most of the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15).  It is necessary to be active in the service of the Lord for two reasons—-Our time belongs to the Lord; and by being active, we have a better chance to escape the web of sin and corruption being weaved by the spider of idleness.

            Rest in the Lord my brethren, but never allow laziness or idleness to rule over you.  An idle Christian is as useful as a car without tires…it’s going nowhere. God needs faithful workers in his vineyard today and if you enlist in his mighty army, you will kill idleness… and live for God.

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