Judges 10 (August 9)

                                                              One Step Forward


            “Who will begin the fight…?”

            The story is told of Napoleon Bonaparte, that he needed a courageous man to execute a very complex and delicate mission.  As we all know, his army was full with men of this caliber; but this mission required nothing but the best.

            As the soldiers were lined up, Napoleon asked with a commanding voice “Who will go to the mission? Step forward!”

            The great general turned around and saw to his dismay, that the line of soldiers was intact.  Napoleon, visibly angry, exclaimed,

            “So there is not one courageous soldier in my army!”

            His officers replied:

            “Do not think of us in this manner.  If you see our line in the same position, is just because all of us have stepped forward!”

            How gratifying it would be to our Lord, to contemplate all his children stepping forward in unison and marching together guided by the Holy Spirit. The church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not working together as one today. I do not support ecumenism and union with liberal churches, but I am appalled to see every true Christian denomination pulling on a different direction, while the homosexuals, the so-called Jehovah Witnesses and other false religions and cults, march in total unison.

            Perhaps God is calling you at this moment.  You have but two choices:

            Flee like Jonah, or…

            Step forward as Isaiah did.

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