Judges 8 (August 7)

                                                                 New Strength                                                                                    

            “…crossed over…exhausted and famished…”

            A faithful Christian arrived home late one night after a hard day at work. It was Monday, the day of visitation and evangelistic outreach in the church and our brother was preparing himself to serve the Lord.

            As he took a shower, however, an invisible being whispered the following words in his ears:

           “Man, am I tired tonight!”

           These were his first thoughts influenced by the devil. “I shouldn’t go visiting. After all, I never miss an activity, and few people want to listen to me anyway.”

            Guided by evil influence, the faithful Christian went to bed, but the Holy Spirit did not allow him to fall asleep. With love and wisdom, the Spirit convicted our brother of his errors and convinced him to go and preach the Word.

            It is not a sin to be tired; as a matter of fact, I am exhausted at this moment, but I must keep on writing. What’s wrong is to let ourselves be dominated by our weariness and forsake our service to the Lord.

            Gideon and his soldiers were a great example of perseverance, even amid adversity and exhaustion. They forgot their pain and fatigue and pressed on until the battle was won.

             We must keep on marching forward and fighting our spiritual battles in the power of the Lord. He will renew our strength when we are tired or depressed and will lead us into victory.

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