Judges 4 (August 3)

                                                               A Woman’s Hand

            “…for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.”

            If you are a woman and have been reading this devotional so far, I sincerely congratulate you.  I hope you understand that every time I employ the term “man” or “brother,” it is used in the generic sense of the word; therefore it applies to both men and women alike.

            Sometimes I have talked exclusively to men; and in other occasions (like today), I will address women.  Nevertheless, everything you read in this book is directed to all, regardless of sex.  As a matter of fact, this book was written for you…whoever you are.

            The hands of a woman have great value for God and for humanity.  Those hands are used to nurture little children.  Our mother’s hands fed us, dressed and caressed us and sometimes spanked us, all the way into adulthood and beyond.  Jesus, the Son of God, was deposited in the hands of a woman called Mary.  She took care of him for many years and Jesus submitted himself gladly to her maternal guidance.

            This illustrates how important are the hands of women.  When men have not responded to God’s call, there have always been women that have given their hands and hearts to the Lord.  Women have traditionally been very useful in the work of the Lord.  Some women, for example, supported Jesus ministry with their finances and prayers.

            If Christian men continue to forsake their call for leadership, godly women will take their place.  Therefore, Christian men and women should serve their Lord hand in hand.  Women must respect the man’s leadership; and men must value the power of a woman of God.

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