Judges 3 (August 2)

                                                                The War

            “…generations of Israelites might know war,…”

            Every human being in this world is at war. This is a daily and continuous war and it matters not what your age, race, culture, profession, tongue, or nationality is; everyone is at war.

            Perhaps somebody will protest and say:  “I am not at war, never have and never will!”  My reply is simple and direct:  Even if you are the greatest pacifist alive and God’s love overflows in your heart; you are and for a long time will be, at war.

            Before I keep confusing the reader, allow me to explain what I’m trying to say.  Those who live without Christ, are at war with God; and those who have received Christ as their Savior, have declared the war against the devil, or vice versa.

            Now that you know that war is inevitable, you must prepare yourself by watching and praying every day.

            The Israelites of the Conquest, fought many wars and followed the Lord.  Their sons, however, did not know about the wars of the Lord; and were blind to all the dangers around them.  This is probably the reason why God allowed for Israel to be surrounded by formidable foes.  God was testing the new generation of Israelites, to see if they would be faithful and would fight the battles of the Lord.

            Perhaps you are wondering today, why God continues to allow for your enemies to remain around and to attack you relentlessly.  Remember that without a battle, there is no possibility of victory; and without God’s power and a strong faith, we would not be able to resist the devil and his numerous allies.

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