Judges 5 (August 4)


            “there they repeat the triumphs of the Lord…”

            It is a proven scientific fact that parrots do not speak; they simply repeat sounds. The disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ are like spiritual parrots. Our message is always the same:

            The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

            The main difference between true Christians and cult followers is twofold. First, the cultists preach another gospel, which is anathema or cursed (Gal. 1:8, 9). These religious sects and cults invent their own doctrines based on new and “fresh” revelations. As is the case with all the false prophets, these groups have predicted the day of Jesus’ return…several times.

            The second difference is the Christian’s inability to proclaim their own agenda. As followers of Jesus, we have no message or words of our own. Our personal opinions and beliefs may be important to us, but they are of no consequence to those who need to hear the message of the gospel.

            This Gospel message never changes. We may change the methods, but never the substance. Our duty is to repeat the saving words like parrots, not to entertain or amuse anyone, but to tell that there is eternal life in Jesus Christ.

            Are you a spiritual parrot? Are you repeating the triumphs of the Lord? The Gospel is the story of God’s ultimate triumph. At the cross, Jesus was triumphant over sin and in his resurrection; he was victorious over death forever.

            This is our triumphant message.

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