Judges 2 (August 1)

                                                           The Best Alarm

            “See what you have done!”

            In recent years, automobile theft have risen dramatically in the United States.  To counter attack this crime wave, the government has approved the hiring of thousands of new police recruits.  Another anti-theft measure is the development of new and sophisticated car alarms.

            A few years ago, there was a “talking alarm” in some expensive cars.  When someone would get near the automobile, the alarm would “talk” (very politely) to the presumed thief, giving him a warning.  If this caution was ignored, a stern threat was issued; and if the aggressor didn’t move or touched the automobile, then the potent siren was set off and it could be heard for miles.

            The Holy Spirit is the best “alarm” ever.  When temptation draws dangerously near; we are warned immediately and the right thing to do is to distance ourselves from it.  If we persist in dabbling with temptation, or touch sin in any way, shape or form; then the Spirit will sound his alarm, to let us know that we have either sinned, or are very close to succumb to its advances.

            Let us adjust our hearts to the highest degree of sensitivity to the Spirit’s voice. This can be achieved as we really get into the Word of God and immerse ourselves in prayer. A mature Christian will be able to detect the voice of Jesus warning us about sin and the presence of the thief of the hearts.

            If God speaks to you about a certain weakness in your heart, listen to Him and follow his voice as soon as you hear it. Don’t turn off the alarm. This only leads to sin.

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