Judges 1 (July 31)

                                                           Power and Power

            “When Israel grew strong,…”

            Paul said in one occasion:  “I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”  (Philippians 4:13).  Please note that his strength and power to be successful and victorious in all things, did not originate or emanate from him; but it came from the Lord Jesus.

            The power of God is not something you can “feel.”  This power takes up residence in the heart of men and women filled with the Holy Spirit.  To receive or better yet, to experience this power, a person must have a humble heart and a docile spirit, submitted to God’s will.

            Was this Israel’s experience? No.  They grew strong in their own eyes and not in the Lord.  They were so confident in their own strength that they forgot to depend solely upon God. The Israelites disobeyed the Lord and did not conquer all the cities of the Canaanites; although they forced them to pay tributes.

            How foolish are those who think that they are so powerful or wise, that they are able to manage or even to control sin!  Jesus saved us from the penalty of sin; but sin is still around us.  This is not the time for overconfidence, but for total dependence in the power of the Lord.

            Do not trust in your limited power and human intelligence.  Trust in the Lord to conquer all the evil enemies of your soul.  He alone is Omnipotent and his power sustains us every single day.  Our power and strength is very limited indeed, but in Christ we can do all things! 

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