Joshua 23 (July 29)

                                                                   Straight Road

            “…neither to the right nor to the left,”

            The spiritual journey of a follower of Christ is difficult, narrow and must always be straight.  The slightest deviation, detour or “shortcut” could be disastrous for any follower of Christ; for it will take us to another road…away from our sweet communion with Jesus. 

            Christians must be as focused as thoroughbred stallions in a horse race.  Both of their eyes are covered on the sides, so they are unable to look to the right or to the left during the race.  In this way the trainers and riders force the horses to look in only one direction:

            Straight ahead.

            Dog races on the other hand, do not rely on blind folds such as in horse racing.  The dogs are deceived with a mechanical rabbit that runs ahead of them at an incredible speed.  All the greyhounds chase this “Bunny Gonzalez” and although they never capture it, they always go after it, race after race.

            If horses look ahead, and dogs follow their “prey” without any variation whatsoever; I believe Christians can do the same and more. To whom shall we look, and follow? I hope your answer is Jesus, for he is our only Leader and our only Guide.

            Lord, I will follow the footprints that you have left on the sand.  I will not turn to the left or to the right, but I will walk straight in your way, with my eyes fixed on you. Amen. 

            Is this your prayer?

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