Joshua 22 (July 28)

                                                            Future Generations

            “…the generations after us,…”

            Jesus loved, and will forever love all the children of the world.  He gladly dedicated his precious time to heal, speak, and listen to little children.  He never rejected a child, no matter how busy he was; and He received them regardless of the objection of many, including his disciples.

            If children are so important to our Lord Jesus, wouldn’t you agree that his followers should devote more time and effort to invest it in the future generations?  The sad reality is, that children and youth are many times forgotten or ignored in our congregations.

            Thankfully, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh, had a better vision for the next generation than some of us.  They built an altar as a visible testimony for those who were coming after them.  These tribes desired to make sure that their children had all the opportunities to know, serve, and worship God.

            We have the same challenge and privilege today.  Our responsibility is to guide those who come behind us and to train them in the ways of the Lord.  It is a great and difficult challenge, because it will demand from us to live above reproach, and it will require time…lots of time.

            It is also a privilege, in the sense that we are called to be role models for our children.  Forget about the athletes, singers and movie stars.  It is our job (not theirs), to influence the next generation. 

             Who will answer the call?

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