Joshua 21 (July 27)


            “…with its pasture lands…”

            How wonderful is our Lord, who gives to us more than we ask, need or deserve!

When the Levites received their cities amid other tribes’ inheritances; God in his infinite wisdom and love provided something extra for them.  Each city came with pasture lands for their flocks.

            The pasture lands that were given to the Levites by the Lord are comparable to the proverbial icing on a delicious cake; or to hot fudge over vanilla ice cream.  These lands were a special blessing from God, to compensate those servants and ministers who had no earthly inheritance.

            The love and generosity of our God is never-ending.  He provides abundantly for his children, while we tarry on this strange planet, away from our heavenly home.  Our real inheritance is found in heaven, but God’s providence sustains us every day of our earthly life.

            When you  think that you deserve anything; or when you feel the need to demand God’s favor upon your life, remember that the only thing we really deserve is eternal “accommodations” in hell.

            Nevertheless, Jesus saved our souls, and has made us sons and daughters of the Almighty.  As such, we have absolute rights to eternal life in Christ, but God insists in giving more to us.  He is providing miraculously for us now; and will reward us when we arrive to our celestial abode.

            Thank you Father for giving us so much!

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