Joshua 20 (July 26)

                                                       Say No

            “…and given a place…”

            The heart of a Christian can be compared at times, to a city of refuge.  We feel “compassion” for sinful thoughts and we hide them there.  How is it possible for Jesus and sin, to dwell in our hearts at the same time?

            This is the outcome of giving room or place to those evil thoughts.  The devil knocks on our door and when we open, even if it is just to look, his wicked influence comes in and it becomes rather powerful and difficult to drive out. It is easier to deal with a “newborn” temptation, than with a full-blown sin in our hearts

            But it does not have to be this way.  The criminals in the cities of refuge were able to leave when the high priest died.  Likewise, all evil thoughts have permission to leave us immediately; because Jesus, our High Priest, died on the cross, where He also crucified all our sins.

            Nevertheless, Jesus was raised from the dead, and now dwells in our hearts forever.  He wants to reign as king and he is not willing to share his throne with anyone or anything, including “criminal thoughts.”

            What can we do then? When the devil knocks again on your door, do not open!  If temptation is luring you away from God, say NO, but say it with conviction.  If perhaps the devil keeps insisting, as he will, then you must exercise your option of calling on Jesus to answer the door.  This is what the Bible calls resisting the devil and not giving room to temptation.

            Remember… just say No.

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