Joshua 17 (July 23)

                                                                 True Leaders


            “The Lord commanded Moses…”

            If we would take the time today to make a detailed inspection of Moses’ life, we could find quite a few characteristics or traits of a godly leader. Let’s do so in the next few minutes and perhaps we can learn a thing or two about leadership. I pray that we can also apply this knowledge to our lives and use it for the glory of God and for the benefit of our followers.

            A godly leader leads an exemplary life.  The best way in which we can lead others, is by our example.  A true leader cares for his followers, is decisive and highly organized. This world needs genuine leaders that reflect Christ’s leadership in their own hearts; men of integrity and honor that glorify God with their lives.

            The main characteristic of a godly leader is for him to have a servant’s heart.  Every Christian is a leader in one way or another and we need to lead, not as rulers, but as servants of others.  It matters not the scope of your leadership; what’s important is that you lead according to God’s principles.

            Moses became a great leader, because he was a great servant of God and his people.  God had control of, and access to Moses’ heart; and Moses was obedient to the Lord.

            If you desire to be a godly leader today, be a good follower first.  Learn to obey God and to follow the instructions of his servants.  Then you will be able to lead others because you are an obedient and faithful servant who leads, not only with authoritative words, but with his life.

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