Joshua 15 (July 21)

                                                                Total Cleaning

            “But the people of Judah could not drive out…”

            Caleb, an eighty five year old man, conquered the mountain of Hebron and defeated the three sons of Anak, a race of giants.  He accomplished all this marvelous feats in the name of the Lord. God rewarded his faithfulness with a divinely infused courage and strength, and with a complete victory.

            His brothers from the tribe of Judah could not do the same.  For example, the city of Jerusalem was not captured until the days of King David, or almost four hundred years later.  How is it possible that an elderly man could accomplish what young warriors could not?

            The answer lies in Caleb’s faithfulness.  He had faith in God, and a vision of victory.  Perhaps the younger warriors were afraid of the Philistines; or they fell in love with some pagan women; or maybe they just thought that it was not really necessary to conquer the cities that God had already given into their hands.

            Whatever the reason, the fact is that their conquest was incomplete.  The cities and towns that were left unconquered, would later come back to haunt them.  The failure to obey God today, always has a terrible price tomorrow!

            Are there sins in your life that you just can’t, or better yet, won’t drive out of your soul?  You can pray to Jesus today for Him to clean your mind and heart.  You can also ask him to give you courage to drive anything that obstructs your sweet communion with him.                          

            Do you want a clean heart?

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