Joshua 14 (July 20)

                                                                Caleb the Conqueror

            “So now give me this hill country…”

            Caleb was an extraordinary man.  In his younger days, he was faithful to his God, and as a result he was one of the twelve men chosen to spy “the land that flows with milk and honey.” (Exodus 3:8). His report in conjunction with Joshua was positive and according to God’s will.

            Caleb remained faithful to the Lord during the next forty five years of his life and God rewarded him.  He and Joshua were the only ones to enter the Promised Land of Canaan; the rest of the original members of the Exodus died in the wilderness. It is good to be faithful to God, for He is Faithful and True and will recompense all the labors we do in his name.

            One day Caleb asked for a mountain as his possession, and it was given to him.  His desire reflected our hopes and dreams to conquer our own mountains, but only a few of us ever reach to the top of at least one hill.

            The main difference between a dreamer and a conqueror is the price the latter is willing to pay.  While it is good to dream about spiritual and godly things, there comes a time when action is needed.  Caleb was always dreaming about his own mountain as he was conquering land for others.  When the battles ended around him, his battle against the giants on the mountain began.

            What is your dream (mountain) today?  Whatever it is, you must know that there will be obstacles on your way.  Do not fear, for God is by your side and he can turn dreamers into conquerors. 

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