Joshua 13 (July 19)

                                                                  Forget The Past

            “…much of the land still remains to be possessed.”

            I heard the following story from Dr. Saul Aldunate:

            A very famous doctor received the highest honors in his profession.  One day in the pinnacle of his illustrious career, he was honored in a special banquet attended by the most prominent figures in the field of medicine. It was indeed a most festive and unforgettable occasion.

            At the end of the ceremony a reporter asked him:

            “How do you feel after this great triumph?  Do you think that you have reached the top?”

            The doctor thought for a moment, and then he replied matter-of-factly: 

            “No, I have not reached the top, and the day that I stop learning, will be the day that I become an ignorant!”

            This same attitude should be emulated by every child of God.  There is always something new to learn about God and each day is an invaluable opportunity to grow in Christ, serve others as ambassadors of his love and bring glory to Christ.  Even the apostle Paul, with his great resume, thought he had not reached his goal, as he continued to serve Jesus until his death.

            Perhaps your walk with Christ has been wonderful and you have been faithful to the Lord.  But your past is behind you and there are still mountains to be climbed, and land to possess in your life.  Forget your past and keep walking with your God today and always!

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