Joshua 12 (July 18)


            “…according to their allotments,”

            The word “allotment,” refers more or less to the portion of land that was distributed among the tribes of Israel.  To distribute is to divide, share, dispense, etc.  This is a business term that is used to describe the allocation and movement of goods or services from one place to the other. This is also used in real estate sales, as people buy “lots” in which to build their houses.

            The twelve tribes of Israel were distributed across the Land of Canaan.  Some of the tribes were assigned a mountainous region, while others received their inheritance along the coast, or in a valley or even close to the desert.

             In the same manner, God has placed or “distributed” his children all over the earth.  There are Christians in every social class, race and culture of the world.  Some are wealthy, while others live in less favorable conditions.  Some believers enjoy total freedom and prosperity and others prosper in the midst of intense poverty and persecution.

            In our affluent society we have at our disposal countless versions of the Bible, beautiful sanctuaries and Christian radio and television stations… the rest of the world cries for a copy of the New Testament.

            The most precious possession a follower of Christ has is his relationship with God.  Wherever God has placed you, and whatever material possessions he has distributed to you, have but one ultimate purpose:  For us to bring glory to God wherever we are.

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