Joshua 11 (July 17)

                                                            In Everything

            “For it was the Lord’s doing…”

            Everything that happens to a Christian comes from, or at least it is allowed by God. When God allows anything to happen in our lives, it doesn’t mean that God is not in control, or that He doesn’t have any other option but to grant our wishes. God’s allowance means that He is the one that gives permission to everything that comes our way.  When we say everything, we are including not only his manifold blessings, but tests and problems as well.

            Furthermore, we are certain that everything works for our good, if we love God.  (Romans 8:28).  God works through our circumstances to mold us according to his eternal purpose.  His purpose is to shape us in the image of his Son Jesus, and to make our faith grow.

            Finally, we can affirm that God uses all these events in our lives, to bring glory to his most holy name.  One day, in eternity, God will display each one of us before his angels.  The entire universe will be amazed when they contemplate God’s finished masterpiece.  Everyone will give God the honor and glory, for it was him the one who transformed us.

            When adversity knocks on your door, you have two alternatives.  You can wail in desperation and ask God why; or you can pray and ask God what’s his purpose through this test.  The correct attitude is to remember that God is in control; that he is working for our good; that He wants to use us and that in everything that happens to us He has a lesson that we must learn.   

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