I take attendance every single day at school in my Spanish classes. As I call out each name on the roll my students must respond by saying “Aqui” (Here) or “Presente” (Present). It is rare to have a full class on any given day. There are always students that are either absent, skipping, taking some state test, or participating in a myriad of school activities, including games, rallies, class meetings, dramas etc. I am not counting those which are suspended for breaking some of the school rules.

             It is very frustrating to teach under these conditions. There are always students lagging behind; needing to make up work in class. It seems sometiems that “students” have time for everything except to actually do their work, which is to study.

             Christians act the same way most of the time. We are so engrossed into living our “own” lives, that we rarely have any time left for the Lord. We have time to work, but no time for worship; we have time to play, but no time for praying; we have time watch TV for hours, but we get sleppy every time we go to church or read the Word at home.

              Romans 12:1 commands all Christians to be present for the Lord every day.

             “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present  our bodies a living sacrifice,                                                                                                  holy, acceptable to God, which isyour reasonable service.”

              Our Lord is ever present in us and with us all the time. He always has time for you and me. He want to interact with us on a daily, hourly basis. Every moring is a new opportunity for us to present ourselves before our God; ready to follow his will and obey his commands. We might not be the most able believers in terms of spiritual gifts and talents, but God is not looking for talented or able believers; He wans to use available Christians.

              Isaiah was not the most able of the would be prophets. He was a foul-mouthed individual and yet, God called him to the prophetic ministry. After he was cleansed and purified by God, he responded positively to God’s call by saying:

              “Here I am, send me” (Isaiah 6:1-8)

              You and I may never have enough gold, myrrh or frankincense to bring as presents to the Lord (Matthew 2:11), but we can present ourselves as presents to our Lord and Savior every day. I pray that our lives bring honor, glory and joy to our God, as we seek to serve Him with love for the rest of our lives.

Alexander Gonzalez

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