Joshua 5 (July 11)


            “Are you one of us, or one of our adversaries?”

            When you gaze upon your fellow believers, what do you see?  Are they friends or enemies?  I believe that most Christians would answer “friends,” or at least that is what most of us want to believe.

            If this is true, then why are we experiencing so many divisions and lack of unity among believers in Christ?  While there is no reason for this deplorable condition, there are a few “excuses” for our Christian segregation.

            Some followers of Christ do not agree with how other believers praise the Lord, or with minute differences in biblical interpretation. It is extremely important to be united doctrinally, but this does not mean that we must agree on every small theological point to walk in love and unity.

            Other brothers and sisters are driven by a desire for power and control, and still others would not be happy even in a “perfect” church.

            Our brothers and sisters in Christ are not our enemies.  The devil is our adversary, and he delights every time there is conflict, dissension and division among true believers.  Our unity in Christ transcends all possible barriers, including nationality, ethnicity, denomination or any other thing that separates humans.

            Unity within diversity should characterize the Christian church.  We are one body who worships one Lord, through the same Spirit.  Therefore, next time you are tempted to despise your brother; be reminded that he is not your enemy, so learn to love him in the name of the Lord!

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