Joshua 4 (July 10)

                                                          Good Questions

            “When your children ask…”

            Children are small creatures with an enormous amount of curiosity.  Little children especially, are very much interested in knowing everything.  They touch, smell, break, taste and ask…Oh, how they ask!

            Wise are the parents who take advantage of the many “teachable moments” during early childhood; when they are small, our children ask more questions by far, than when they grow older.  It is wise therefore, to listen to their questions and to give the best answer possible.

            Kids will ask all kinds of questions.  They want to know why we read the Bible and go to church services.  Children will also ask about the origin of babies (a tough one!); about their favorite animals; and many other inquiries.  Children can be as relentless, as crime detectives in the art of investigation.  Their questions often begin with, what, why, how, when and where?

            Their most important questions, however, are theological in nature.  What great opportunity is there for parents, relatives and teachers! A recent statistic declares that between eighty five to ninety percent of all Christian conversions come before a person’s eighteenth birthday.

            The next time a child (yours or not), asks you a question about God, or about any spiritual matters, stop, listen and answer with the truth.  Perhaps this will be your only opportunity to influence him or her to follow Christ, for when they grow up, they might never ask again.

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