Joshua 6 (July 12)


            “…and the wall…will fall down…”

            Who would have ever imagined the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 9, 1989, and that Germany would become a united nation once again? Who would have thought that the mighty “Iron Curtain” of the “former” Soviet Union, would be a thing of the past?

            In these modern times there are very few, if any, fortified cities.  International travel by jet planes and state of the art technology has “shrunk” the world.  Even communist and underdeveloped countries have access to the Internet and digital communication.

            Nevertheless, there are still many “walls” and barriers that divide humanity in our world.  Racial discrimination, for example, is practiced in every country and by every race under the sun.  Prejudice is a sin that exists in the heart of humans, regardless of their “color” or ethnicity.

            There is also social discrimination whereby the “haves,” reject the “have nots.”  Social classes will always exist, for even Jesus said that the poor will always be with us (John 12:8).  This is not an excuse to treat the wealthy differently from the poor.  To make differences of persons is simply a sin.

            The only one that can tear the walls of discrimination down is the Lord Jesus.  You might as well forget about political reforms, educational programs or social plans.  Only Jesus can transform the minds and hearts of lost sinners.  Only Jesus can make us transparent, color blind, and barrier-free Christians.


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