Joshua 1 (July 7)


            “Only be strong and very courageous…”                                       

            To be a faithful Christian, a person needs to be courageous, very courageous.  It is one hundred times easier to die for Jesus as a martyr in a foreign and distant land, than to walk daily with him in total obedience.

            If you are anything like me, then I can affirm that you are probably surrounded with problems.  Sometimes the trials become so cumbersome and numerous, that it takes all the power from heaven to face them every single day.

            I know that there are mornings in which you wish that you didn’t have to wake up and face the “giants.”  Running is not the solution and it’s not even an option for the child of God.  The best way, and the only way is to confront our problems, not in our own strength, but in the name of the Lord.

            How do you think Joshua felt after Moses’ death; knowing that he now was to be the next leader of a rebellious multitude?  What was his opinion about the giants of Canaan after forty years? Why did God have to command him to be “strong and courageous”…three times?

            Was Joshua afraid? Perhaps he was somewhat overwhelmed by his impossible mission and needed God’s reassurance that as he had been with Moses, now he would be with him.  The only thing God required was for Joshua to be strong, to face his responsibility with valor and faith.

            There are battles waiting for us every day.  Be strong; be courageous; and be dependent on the Lord.

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