Deuteronomy 34 (July 6)

                                                                      Love Today, Cry Tomorrow

            “The Israelites wept for Moses…”

            A man was weeping uncontrollably next to his mother’s tomb.  Every Sunday he would spend hours in the town’s cemetery, lamenting the absence of his beloved mom and bringing beautiful fresh flowers to her tomb. I have seen this scene repeated too many times.

            No one really knows what they have, or possess until they lose it. We take the lives of our family and friends for granted and when they’re gone from us, as it is in the case of death, the loss is forever, unless both individuals are Christians and meet again in heaven.

            Israel cried when their fearless leader passed away.  Oh, how the Israelites wept for Moses!  They lamented his death for thirty days and they wished he would still be alive to lead them into the Promised Land.

            While Moses was still alive, the people complained against him and disobeyed his commands from the Lord.  Nevertheless his “premature” death, provoked feelings of emptiness and despair among the same people who mocked his leadership.

            Do not wait until someone—dear or not—passes away to bring him/her flowers.  Whatever you can do unto others, do it while they are still alive, when death comes upon them, it is too late.

            Love your mother and spouse today; help your brothers and sisters in the Lord today; and pray, support, and devote your life to God’s service on behalf of humanity…today.

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