Joshua 2 (July 8)

                                                           The Blood

            “Then she tied the crimson cord…”

            The story of Rahab and the spies in Jericho is intriguing and full of hope.  She was a filthy harlot who received two Israelites that came to spy the city of Jericho.  She opened her home to the weary travelers and protected them from the murderous soldiers of Jericho.  She also opened her heart to God. 

            Rahab had heard about the Lord and his great wonders in the land of Egypt.  Consequently, she hid the spies to save their lives and they promised to spare hers in return.  A crimson (red) cord tied to her window would be the sign to the invading army that this house was to be left untouched.

            Is your heart fastened or “tied” with Jesus blood?

            A day is coming, when this unfaithful world will be destroyed and only those who had been sealed with the Spirit of God will reign in the new Earth.  Today, not many people enjoy listening or reading about “blood messages.”  Our society is very “sophisticated” and cannot suffer our bloody “religion,” as they call it.

            What would become of us, if it wasn’t for blood? Without blood there is no physical life; and without the precious blood of Jesus shed on our behalf, we would spend the entire eternity in hell.

            It is true that Christ died for the sins of the world, but which “world”?  Only those who tie or “paint” the BLOOD in their hearts will find eternal life.  Many rich, “decent,” and educated people died in Jericho, except Rahab, the harlot.  Why? She was saved because she believed in God and was saved… by the “blood.”

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