Deuteronomy 33 (July 5)

                                                                      The Best Refuge

            “Happy are you, O Israel!”      

            One of my favorite Christian songs of all times is “Hiding Place” by the well known singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.  In this beautiful melody, Jesus is described as our refuge in the midst of life’s storms.  The chorus of this song goes like this:

            “You’re my hiding place

            Safe in Your embrace

            I’m protected from the storm that rages

            When the waters rise

            And I run to hide

            Lord in You I find my hiding place.”

            Where do you hide when tests come to your life?

            Some do the “Ostrich Cover-up,” as they burrow their heads in the ground filled with fear.  Others run for their lives trying to avoid or escape their problems. Christ wants  us to come and find refuge in Him, for He is our Defender.  If Jesus is our shield, there is no need to run anywhere, but to Him.

            Israel was happy or blessed, simply because God was their refuge against all enemies.  There is only one refuge and one hiding place and this is our Lord Jesus.  He never promised the absence of storms, but he has pledged to be present in the midst of all of them.                             

            Do you believe it?

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