Deuteronomy 28 (June 30)

                                                                                Real Treasure

            “The Lord will open for you his rich store house…”

            During Nativity (also known as Christmas), we celebrate the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus and his advent as the Savior of the world.  This is not the way the world perceives this holy season, however.

            For example, our society has invented a vast array of substitutes to replace Jesus for all the Christian Holy Days.  There is the infamous Easter bunny, during Holy (or Passion) Week; there is also the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas tree and the now world-famous Santa Claus.

            According to history, there was a generous man called Saint Nicholas, but Santa Claus is just an illusion or a lie, whichever you prefer.  Only a fool can believe that an old and bearded man can fly in his magical, deer-powered sleigh.  It takes even more faith, to believe that he can bring toys to all the children on Christmas Eve, than to believe that our blessed Savior was born on stable.

            Great is the disappointment of many children, when they finally find out that Santa Claus is just a decorated lie.  Even if the “Ho Ho Ho-man” was real, he cannot ever compare with our Lord Jesus.  His once-a-year “toy drive” pales in comparison with the day by day treasures we receive from God. 

            Every day God opens his storehouse and pours treasures beyond measure to his children.  The air we breathe; the love we feel; and his promises of life, peace, joy and hope are the real treasures.

            Who do you prefer, Santa or the SON?

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