Deuteronomy 29 (July 1)

                                                                             Spiritual Cement

            “…in order that he may establish you today”


            “Hello, who’s this?”

            “Good afternoon Mr. Thompson, I am calling to confirm your date tomorrow.”

            “Listen lady, I’m a married man!”

            “Mr. Thompson.”  Replied the operator very softly.  “You made an appointment to donate blood at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night.  Can we still count on you?”

            “Of course you can!”  Responded Mr. Thompson, and then he apologized for his misunderstanding.

            In our society everything is confirmed; from dates, to doctors appointments, to any other activity.  People also confirm hotel, car rental and events reservations.  This is a good practice, for it saves us from wasting time and money; and finding later on that the reservation or appointment has been canceled.

            God also practices confirmation in relation to Christians.  The word “confirm” can be also translated as to establish, ratify, validate, approve, etc.  A clear example of this is how God ratified or established every covenant with blood.  Even the New Covenant was validated by the blood of Jesus.

            Our salvation is sure, because we have been confirmed or “cemented” with the seal of the Holy Spirit.  Furthermore God is in complete control of our lives, holding every piece together and working everything for our good. Therefore, do not fret or worry about the future, because there is nothing more confirmed in the world than our salvation.

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