Deuteronomy 27 (June29)

                                                                        In the Silence

            “Keep silence and hear…”

            “Be quiet!”

            “But Mom, I didn’t do anything!”

            “Be QUIET!!”

            “But Mom…”

            “Be quiet and listen, please!”

            Johnny was arguing with his mother this way, thinking that once again, he was in trouble…but he was sure of his innocence.  What he didn’t know was that his mom had a big surprise for him, as a reward for his good behavior.

            The disciples of Jesus need to learn to listen to God’s voice.  Someone has said that God has given all humans only one tongue, but a pair of ears.  His purpose is clear:  We must listen more than we speak.

            It is important to find a place before the Lord, where we can be silent and just listen to his voice.  As we close our mouths, and open our minds, hearts and ears, God’s voice will flow through our whole being, giving us hope, confidence and fortitude in our spirit and soul.

            There is a time for everything in this life.  There is a time to preach; there is also a time to sing and to pray to God. There is also a time to be completely silent, as we meditate in our hearts about God and His word.  There, in the silence, God will speak to our minds, renew our broken hearts and sing to our soul a divine melody of forgiveness, restoration and power.

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