Deuteronomy 26 (June 28)

                                                                             Declarations of Love

            “Today I declare to the Lord…”

            I still remember the first time I declared my “love” to a girl.  I was trembling, my hands were sweaty and my voice was cracking…I was a total mess.  I still don’t know how that girl accepted me; perhaps it was my dashing good looks, or maybe she was really desperate.

            Declaring my love to women was always very difficult for me, being shy by nature.  To conquer the heart of the girl who is now my wife, I had to literally sing my declaration of love; because I could not bring myself to speak…my lips were frozen with fear.

            Perhaps the reader suffers also from shyness in his/her interpersonal relationships.  If this is the case, do not feel sad, because being shy is not a sin.  Furthermore there are many who do not have the “gift” of being very social or extrovert.

            What can be classified as a sin is to be shy in relationship to the Lord.  When was the last time that you declared your love to God through praise or prayer?  Do you tell God that you truly love him?

            You can make a decision today to be more open with the Lord.  You can tell him everything, including your love, fears and failures.  Having a good communication is critical for the proper and successful development of our relationship with God.

            In closing, I would like to express my love for the Lord now. I thank you Jesus for loving me so much and I publicly declare that I love you with all my heart. I love you every day; even in those days (like today) when you test my faith with fiery trials.

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