Deuteronomy 12 (June 14)

                                                                              God Is There

            “And you shall eat…And you shall rejoice before the Lord…”

            A big corporation had a big operational problem:  Its employees were not inclined or motivated to work more than was strictly necessary for their survival.  To avoid suffering “stress” from too much labor, they devised an ingenious and devilish plan which included a watch guard who would scream “There is the man!” every time the owner would come.

            When the workers would hear this voice of alarm, they would all run back in unison to their work stations to give the appearance of being good workers.  As the owner would leave, however, the party would continue, while the watch guard remained vigilant.

            This strategy may work in a human corporation, and deceive or trick their employers, but it will NEVER work with the Lord.  Jesus knows and sees everything; nothing can escape from the eyes of an omnipotent God.

            For this simple reason we must live each day with gladness and sincerity before the Lord.  The God who walked with Adam and Enoch, and talked with Abraham and gave the Law to Moses, is our God.  He lives inside of us and we can walk and talk with Him at all times.

            If we know that God sees us inside and out; and furthermore that he is always present in every moment of our existence, why do we sometimes live as if there is no God? 

            God is always there for us.  Are you there for God?

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